Singleswarehouse Blog

Introducing the Singles Warehouse team

Here at Singles Warehouse we love life, love and dating and can’t wait to share all our stories with you.

If you’d like to become a guest blogger then just email us and we’ll get you up here on our blog, along with all our other regulars we’ve got lined up!

Let us know what you think and give our bloggers your advice, we’re all out there living, loving and dating.

To start the Warehouse Dating Life blog we’d like to tell you a little about the team here…

Jon – been internet dating on and off for quite some time now! He’s got lots of stories to share with you guys. Make sure you sign up to our blog so you don’t miss his posts! Is he single, is he not? That’s up to you to guess.

Elle – the blonde one of the team, she’s fun, bubbly and is our champagne and cocktail lover – ask her for date recommendations, and what to cook a girl (or boy!) for dinner.

Sam – ever the singleton, Sam loves chatting and meeting people online. She can’t wait to tell all about her exploits, and she’s looking forward to your comments and advice you may have.

Mark – Mark is the married one on the team, although always one of the first down the pub! He’s the one who’s already found his one and offers our married man perspective. Mark is the man to always have around – watch out for his posts on what its like on the other side of the fence!

We’re all looking forward to being regular bloggers, we already love twitter. Watch out for our guest bloggers too.

To all singletons out there who are looking for true love or happy being single and having fun, online dating with Singles Warehouse is a fun filled ride everyone should go on. Join us on our lives and make your own way with us.


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